Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey! Wait Up!

I wasn't able to get when he went into the lot with the South Dakota sheep for the 1st time but he went up to them right away checking them out and the sheep would run away and then when he turned around they crept up slowly to check him out. They all seem to be getting along fine now! Soon we will be bringing them down to the pasture again! We have spent the last month fixing and refencing part of it and we completed it today! It was a 14 year olds pet and she had him trained to lead. So that will be great! Plus he is a medium sized llama which will be easier in winter when we have them in the barns.

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~lomacati~ said...

Oh man. You're gonna LOVE THIS (and maybe hate it a teeny tiny bit)!
I dedicate this song to you my friend--