Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sneak Preview of The Wizards!!!

Wizards Full of lots of Magic

with their Special Wands!!!

~Inspired by Vickie...I even created a Snowflake Wizard with his Snowflake Wand to Grant anyone who Wishes for the True Fun of Snow!!! *

Will be posting soon on

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Video of lambs...

2010~2011 at the The Sombke Farm

~Drover and Scrappy

Our little dogs who are a great addition to the farm, get rid of any "unwanted critters" and they watch the gates for us!!! ~Even Boceiphus likes their help and doesn't have a problem with them!!!
Drover is the Oldest Black and white and Scrappy is brown he acts like a big wimp for any attention from a adult but he really is tuff as nails!!! He has battle wounds from a coyote this past summer and Drover came to his rescue!!! They each have scares on the right legs from being caught in traps that were meant for a coyote! The neighborhood trapper set them in early fall and they found them. Oops!!! They each have a story to tell!!! Good pups they are have been a big help to us and we love them to death... It is fun watching them hunt for critters one flushes it out and the other catches...usually rats, skunks and such...

Pictures of the Baby Lambs...

The 1st two Mom's are goat sheep we call them they are sheep but they look like goats!!! LOL

~Love them all white, speckled, and even goat like!!! ;)

Baby Pictures!!!

Here is Boceiphus our Llama who is their keeper from the coyotes in the summer time!!! ~He does an excellent job!!! ;) He is hoping for special benifits in 2011!!! LOL

2010~2011 Lambs at The Sombke Farm

~I love going and helping Paul everyday with all these cute little babies!!! ;)

My other love besides Sewing!!!

Here is the Baby Lambs...

2010~2011 at The Sombke Farm

Video 2

Here is the Baby Lambs so far...

2010~2011 at The Sombke Farm

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quote of the Month ...



December's Drawing Winner is...

Teresa!!! Congratulations you won
the scent of the month"Orange Clove"!!!