Monday, January 10, 2011

~Drover and Scrappy

Our little dogs who are a great addition to the farm, get rid of any "unwanted critters" and they watch the gates for us!!! ~Even Boceiphus likes their help and doesn't have a problem with them!!!
Drover is the Oldest Black and white and Scrappy is brown he acts like a big wimp for any attention from a adult but he really is tuff as nails!!! He has battle wounds from a coyote this past summer and Drover came to his rescue!!! They each have scares on the right legs from being caught in traps that were meant for a coyote! The neighborhood trapper set them in early fall and they found them. Oops!!! They each have a story to tell!!! Good pups they are have been a big help to us and we love them to death... It is fun watching them hunt for critters one flushes it out and the other catches...usually rats, skunks and such...

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