Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shearing video

Bad deal when the sheep shearer waits until the freezing cold to come and shear our sheep! We wanted him a month and a half ago and it was not meant to be for whatever reason we do not know??? So we had to call again and finally he comes when it is so cold*** that when you have to open everything up for him to get all his STUFF inside, that the sheep thought Jack Frost had come to shear them and his skinny tall helper!!! There was my never ending sentence of frustration. LOL So when sheep shearers are so hard to find in these parts what do you do but bit your tongue and smile;) Samuel was so gracious to stay home and help his Dad catch ewes and Mom picked up the wool and ran the packer. It shoves the wool into the big long gunny sack! We had 4 bags of white and 1 of black. PLEASE EXCUSE THE LOPSIDED VIDEO @^*? It was just the way the day went!!! LOL

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