Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here is our little Amazing lamb!

We came in the barn one morning and he was laying there in a mixing pen (where there are about 20 mother's and their babies in a big pen)not able to get up we thought his back was broken. We put him in a single pen so he wouldn't be hurt more yet and started bottling him. He couldn't get up whatsoever for 2 days! We felt so bad for him figured he was done for. Day # 3 he was laying upright more and holding his head up and by night he was able to get up. Day # 4 he was walking and by night even running a bit! He is one tuff little guy!


I Play Outside The Box said...

How precious! Hope he continues to do well!

soggibottom said...

If you never have room for this little lamb, he can always come to Devon (where we have loads of them around)....this one can come and have a spoilt life and just crop the grass.
Does he like cats and Cavalier dogs? :-)
x x x

Marcella and Maggies Primitive Attic said...

Little Amazing is doing Terrific!!! I wouldn't give him up for nothing, he is growing every day and eating creep feed also! March is bring warmer weather here in Minnesota so we let them go out on the platform during the day to play! Pretty cute I will have to try and catch them so I can post them playing!