Thursday, March 18, 2010

We weaned the baby lambs...

from the 1st batch of babies born I counted roughly 126 and Paul got 132 so some where in between! They have been eating out of a sectioned off creep area for a month now Paul's mixture and we can't keep it filled for them anymore, they are eating so good. Now they get a feeder full and grass/ hay to munch on morning and evening!

The 2nd batch are in 2 different mixing pens and then we had twins born yesterday also! ;)

The little black one that is up by the fence is 1 of 3 of my bottle lambs! His mom died a day after she gave birth, to rough on her. She even made sure he was cleaned off and fed him the good stuff!

Amazin' actually weaned herself she just decided she was a big girl and didn't need milk anymore a week ago!



~lomacati~ said...

Why do they look at you and holler, "Baaaad! Baaaad!" ? ;o)

Marcella and Maggies Primitive Attic said...

LOL I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcella and Maggies Primitive Attic said...

2 days straight they cried but they are all doing great now! ;)